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>> reporter: a woman who worked as a detective for queen anne's county said the sheriff knew she was being harassed by the sheriff's brother. he hosts an internet show dedicated to tracking queen anne's county's most wanted but police are looking for gary hoffman. abc2 investigators learned that christi murphy, taylor a former detective is suing the shr river, his department and her brother claiming she was harassed and fired in a-- may of 2011 after reporting assault by her brother. murphy taylors with riding with john hoffman in tween when he put his hands down her pants and
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grabbed her pants. he was charged with second degree assault. one day after pleading guilty, she said she was fired for exhausting her leave time, which she said isn't true. she's suing for more than $10 million, claiming the sheriff was aware of the harassment but took no action. she was offered another job but didn't take it. the attorney general tells us his maryland's police certification was removed by the commission. i spoke to sheriff hoffman. he said he was removed from the case because of a conflict of interest. even though there are less than 75 employees in the department, sheriff hoffman said he had no
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knowledge. we were unable to reach john hoffman but a representative from the sheriff's office said it would be inappropriate top comment because they have not seen the lawsuit. >> you can read the lawsuit yourself. just go to slash investigators. definitely another hot, muggy cloudy day. we've seen an ugly pattern. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart top find out what's on tap for this evening. had some morning cloud cover. now a hot humid san row with the sun out. maryland's most powerful radar has been clearing out. i don't see on the satellite view the sun coming out in earnest. it's an active weather pattern
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with another front marching toward maryland and potentially a redeveloping storm from the remnants of isaac on the gulf coast. in an case the rest of the evening 80s, warm and humid. we'll have more coming up. >> if you want to be on the know, just head to to learn how to download our weather app. you can also get that storm shield app which will alert you when severe weather pops up in your neighborhood. we have some new video tonight out of prince george's county. a police officer is facing charges after a surveillance video shows him hitting a man with a gun. the incident happened in february, but it was just released. >> reporter: on the video the 19-year-old enters the frame first. the officer swings and hits dorm
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in the face with the service weapon. watch it again. corporal taylor said the gun fired as he was being assaulted and the teen reached for the bell. >> the video shows that he attacked my client. hit him in the head with the gun. >> reporter: the incident happened in february in brentwood when taylor and his partner spotted him walk into a gas station. no crime was committed but dorm, who has been in trouble with the law in the past said he walked away to avoid trouble. this scene played out a couple blocks away as dorm walked home. >> he played on the community'sster reyes types, that this young black person was a menace. >> reporter: in august the officer was charged with several crimes. all charges were dropped against dorm but not until he served four months in jail. >> imagine if that was your son
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or daughter. >> reporter: the police chief in prince george's county has vowed transparency and to eliminate brutality but people we've shown the video to said it's clearly another blow. >> right there you have seen a very bad apple of the bunch. >> taylor is facing misconduct and second degree assault charges. the derailment resulted in $2.2 million. the trane was traveling at the authorized speed limit, 5 miles an hour when it derailed on august 20th. the teens were sitting on the tracks at the time and their
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bodies were buried in coal. a full report is expected to come out in 12 to 18 months. a reward is being offered for information in this young mother's death. the 22-year-old was killed by a stray bullet. tonight police need your help. amos want the intended shooting. she was shot in the chest and died a short team later. tonight police are asking anywith information to call metro crime stoppers. baltimore city will honor a fallen officer on friday. officer forest taylor died last woke from injuries he suffered from a car crash in february. he was critically injured on february 18. officer taylor's cruiser was hit
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by another car as he was responding to an emergency call. police said taylor had been in the hospital for weeks and was recovering but died from complications that he received from that crash. >> these men and women back up the quality of service with their lives. we see how in this case just responding to a semple call for help, officer taylor put his life before that of another and unfortunately lost that. >> in a statement, interim commissioner anthony batts emergencied the department's support for the family. services will be thursday on north charles street. taylor is survived by his wife and two children. well, we told you last night -- we got the latest on those three chocolate lab puppies stolen from the owner's yard.
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an anonymous donor has doubled the row ward. gary sullivan called abc2 to tell us someone had taken his puppies. he called us back to say someone else is adding $500 to the reward bringings it to $1,000. he is still looking for the puppies. he has given us his direct number so you can call him, 443-354-0364. the democratic national convention kicked off last night and governor martin o'malley was there to represent maryland. o'mally defended the -- o'malley defended the president's record on the economy. >> president obama is moving
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america forward not back. >> the governor also said it's an opportunity to brag about maryland saying we are home to the number one public school system in america. in four years o'malley may be speaking as a candidate. it's been widely speculated he could run in 2016. the next five days will be fun. first the yankees. cal gets his statue tomorrow and then the ravens open monday night. jamie? >> how will i make this through the next five days. ray lewis will come ot of that tunnel for his 17th season. for the first time in recent memory the ravens are sharing the spotlight with the orioles. i want you to listen to arthur johns who talks about oral
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closer jim johnson. >> we're from the same hold time. we have the same friends, same teachers in high school. it's cool. it's imponing to be our -- going to be our game monday night. >> listen to this. torrey smith tweeted to adam jones saying he was planning on coming to the game. adam said come on out. the ravens play the bengals monday night to open up the season. >> like you said, the ravens aren't the only hot sports topic. sports fans are getting caught up in the orioles magic from the barber shop to the bars to the retail shops. the o's are the talk of the town. now that they're tied for first, people are flocking to the stores to get their own gear. >> they love the jerseys, hats
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and t shirts. they want top represent the team. >> there's a huge line at the orioles box office. tonight and tom's games are sold out. there are a few seats for friday and saturday. tropical storm isaac already ravaged the gulf coast. how it's now affecting the northeast. also, a group of boaters dealt with some unexpected turbulence. some students in baltimore county are enjoying a new state of the art facility. we'll tack you in-- take you inside the updated george washington carve center.
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severe weather hit the
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northeast. t.j. winick is tracking the path. >> reporter: the ghost of hurricane isaac continues to soak the east coast with rain. butt's more unusual -- >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: possible twisters, like this one shot on a cell phone in cherry hill, new jersey. >> as it's starting to go, okay. we're going to follow this. >> reporter: some businesses suffered damage. heather and her husband were eyewitnesses. >> we saw the funnel start. the wind started picking up. he yelled to get in the house. >> reporter: thankfully, no injuries were reported. rains clogged roads. storm sewers that remove the water were simply overwhelmed. >> you can see the waves.
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>> reporter: for some it was play time. for others. >> it's hectic. >> reporter: time to work. >> rain has let up since 5:00. hopefully we're getting a break oar down south many residents spent their labor day sweeping out water. when they opened the floodgates, they got another two feet of water. >> it's all completely gone. it's toast. >> reporter: in louisiana as well, residents are returning to their home since the floodwaters of hurricane isaac have receded. at least 13,000 homes have suffered damage. officials have closed a section of the coastline in an area also affected by the bp oil spill two years ago.
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all commercial and recreational fishing is band. samples of the tar will be examined to see if it's connected to the 2010 spill. all right. don't like to see that but we did like to see sunshine. that's what we saw today although it has heated us up. 91 at bwi. with that dew point up around 70, it is muggy, steamy and classic baltimore, classic maryland weather even though we're in early september, still september on the calendar. annapolis we captured a downpour pushing east from the severn river. what's cool, we can take you on the other side of the chesapeake. hemingway is here on the kent island area, some decent downpour. now the sunshine is back and it is warm. one more camera from frostburg
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state. the kids are enjoying themselves, pretty decent weather. heat index values feeling like the mid to upper 90s. heat plus humidity. it is sticky. that is for sure. you see the loment readings. the dew point numbers are high. we got a huge plume of moisture into new york state. the dry air is bottled up to the north. we do not expect to see it until friday. the humidity should drop as we go into that last day of the week. what few showers we have are south of us, down to the d.c. area. we have stayed relatively dry, some showers in the central maryland area but most of the rain has been to the south. we think that's where there will be the rest of the night and into the day tomorrow. a new boundary tries to push in as we go into friday. it will probably not bring a lot, maybe a scattered showers
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early friday. the dry air will make a difference for the rest of friday night into the day on saturday. satellite radar perspective, you can see the conditions are looking pretty active to the west and very active to the south. we've got remnants of isaac, about a 10e% to 20% chance it could become a tropical storm south of alabama, some of that leftover moisture. it's about hit and miss showers right now. of course the tropics staying active. there's the remnants of isaac that could develop into a different named storm. we're watching leslie, two different tropical storms, but leslie is the one that has been upgraded to hurricane strength. you can see decent organization. this is a category one storm, moving very slowly north, may end up in bermuda as a category two storm, so that's going to be something that bears watching over the next few days. tonight 69 as we stay sticky
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with patchy fog. hot but mostly dry, a stray shower possible but generally a dry day. we dry it out friday, hot, sticky conditions kind of go away but this will be hot friday. this weekend we changed up the rain. of note, we hold the showers off until saturday evening into sunday morning. we dry things out after sunday afternoon into monday and tuesday. so right now for the ravens fans we're looking good. thursday, a few showers but for the big dedication, thursday looks decent. get it out here early. it's been a long time coming but some baltimore county students are enjoying a new state of the hart building -- art building.
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our education reporter sherrie johnson has the report. >> reporter: students in towson are enjoying a brand-new state of the art facility. it's the new building at the george washington carver center. >> i'm excited for the new building. just looking at it, it's insane. i've never been in this before. i'm excited to see the dance studio and the whole building. >> it's exciting to be in this new building because everything is so modern. it's really exciting. i'm in visual arts and the rooms are supposed to be big and galleries. i'm so excited. >> reporter: he addressed students as they piled into the new 1,000 seat theater. he vowed to make it the best in the nation. >> will make this the best for our students and to see what our
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strategic plan looks like, curriculum, professional development for the employees and how do we keep the active lines of communication open. >> reporter: educators say today mark has new beginning and a new era for car vr center. carver center has been recognized nationally and locally with programs from culinary arts, carren tri, dance, music and arts. >> i think what it last to offer students is the fulfillment of their dreams. these are students who came here because they love to do something. they're passionate about being an artist. this offers them the space to do that. tech know logically advanced environment, school for the 21st century. >> reporter: the new and vie
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brantd feeling only enhances it. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the old building will get some use. coming up, sometimes getting your students to go to sleep could be a struggle. how some parents are turning to mel an tone -- mellon tone nine. many colder patients may be having heart attacks and not even knowing it. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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for those who experience the classic symptoms of a heart attack, twice as many people have no symptoms at all.
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17% suffered these silent heart attacks where they feel no symptoms. researchers suggest patients discuss treatment and screening options with their doctors to pick up on silents heart attacks before they become fatal. we all know of the desperation you have when your children refuse to go to bed or they can't sleep. some parents are resorting to the die their ri supplement melatonin. mom jessica banks said bedtime took hours before she discovered the over-the-counter cure. she gives him one and a half milligrams every night. >> there's no research to support long term reports. >> it's the hormone that helps your body rest but the artificial version has not been approved by the fda and some doctors are concerned just
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because it's natural doesn't mean it's case. in some cases it can cause headaches, dizziness and daytime drowsiness. high blood pressure is sometimes called the silents killer because there are normally no symptoms. nearly a third of adults in the u.s. have high blood pressure and more than half of them don't have this under control. high blood puts people at risk of death, stroke and heart disease f you have high blood pressure, you can help lowering it by eating healthy, diet, exercise and no smoking. after several years of a down housing market, the new numbers are looking up. >> the numbers don't lie. overall we're doing phenomenal. >> housing prices are putting realtors back in business. believe it or not, baltimore is
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booming. people flock to their party's conventions and want something to take home. we'll tell you what the delegates are snapping up. >> it's been the republican reframe are we better off? ?v37tuoĆ³

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